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  • Marble Run for Children – 85 Piece Starter Construction Kit
Marble Run for Children – 85 Piece Starter Construction Kit
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The dynamic, colourful and stable Hubelino marble run ensures an ample tempo. Therefore, speed, inventiveness and playing fun reign in the children's room! Hubelino promotes child development through play: While children build and construct, they are training creativity, and fine motor skills.

The 85 piece Hubelino starter building kit contains a selection of all building blocks, which are required for the creative construction of a dynamic marble run, and all the track elements from 2013 and 2014. Due to the combinations of track elements, previous boundaries in marble run construction are broken down, and in this way many more possibilities for creative and individual design emerge. Now it is possible, to refine tracks for the marble, which previously would not have been possible. Their is no limit to your imagination.

Download PDF Building instructions

  • From 4 years
  • 100% compatible with building blocks from other manufacturers
  • Made from high quality ABS plastic
  • Made in Germany

Content: See Image.
Hubelino marble run
 – 85-piece starter-kit
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