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  • Marble Run for Children - 106 Piece Basic Building Kit
Marble Run for Children - 106 Piece Basic Building Kit
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The dynamic, colourful and stable Hubelino marble run ensures an ample tempo. Therefore, speed, inventiveness and playing fun reign in the children's room! Hubelino promotes child development through play: While children build and construct, they are training creativity, and fine motor skills.
With the Hubelino marble run, you get the marble rolling: The young builders ensure lots of speed and dynamics, and therefore decide for themselves, what the marble run looks like and what path the marble takes. 
The basic building kit is ideal for all Hubelino marble run beginners, because it offers all the necessary building blocks to design spectacular marble runs.
The building kit with 106 pieces offers you continual new possibilities to construct tracks and refine individual variations . The multitude of design possibilities and imaginative constructions maintain the attraction of the marble run, and so that the fun lasts longer, the building blocks are of course of the usual stable Hubelino quality.

Download PDF Building instructions

  • From 4 years

  • 100% compatible with building blocks from other manufacturers
  • Made from high quality ABS plastic

  • Made in Germany

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Hubelino marble run – 106 pieces Basic-building kit
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