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Mini Set (45 pcs)

The mini set is Hubelino's smallest marble run kit. It comes in a compact, lightweight box for easy transport, and the brick selection is optimized for creating compact marble runs. All tracks, slides, curves, terminals, tunnels, and blocks are 2-4 nobs long, and the short and steep 2x2 slides are included. That also makes it very intuitive to get familiar with the system. The set is an intuitive introduction to the Hubelino system, and it contains everything you need to get started: a base plate, construction bricks, marbles, and a booklet with sample tracks and instructions.

Product Information

21 run elements, 21 blocks, 1 base plate, 2 marbles
662 g
27,2 x 21,6 x 9,4 cm
Item no.
Weight: 0.705 kg

Download the booklet

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  • 4 years old and up
  • 100% compatible with building blocks from other manufacturers
  • Made from high-quality ABS plastic
  • Made in Germany