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  • Colourful Blocks - 100 building blocks and 2 base plates
Colourful Blocks - 100 building blocks and 2 base plates
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The dynamic, colourful and stable Hubelino marble run ensures an ample tempo. Therefore, speed, inventiveness and playing fun reign in the children's room! Hubelino promotes child development through play: While children build and construct, they are training creativity, and fine motor skills. 

The additional colourful blocks ensure the necessary hold, and enable you to build brightly coloured marble runs. This means there is no limit to the creativity of the young builder. 

This set expands your range with 100 building blocks and 2 base plates. The marble run building block set is optimum for constructing fascinating marble runs. It provides the building blocks to develop a basic frame work for the track elements. This add on is ideal for young builders, who want to build ever larger, better and faster marble runs.

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