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Number wall

Number walls are a productive educational game for children from six years, who are learning basic arithmetic in primary school. The unique number wall learning building blocks open up new dimensions to the tried and tested learning concept.
For the first time with this educational game, children have the possibility of actually building number walls themselves, instead of filling them in on paper fields. It is exciting to see how quickly children solve the first problems from the task book and from there work through the whole book. The educational game "number walls" not only teaches basic arithmetic methods of mathematics, but also fine motor skills, because it is with real building blocks.
Of course you can also play something else with it, because as is usual with Hubelino, the building blocks from the educational game "number walls", are also compatible with all other building blocks, are printed with food safe colours and are washing machine safe.
Number walls ensure that children are introduced to mathematics in a playful way, and learn subtraction and addition in a fun way. The little ones will soon be building whole number wall buildings.

Contents: 230 x 4-stud building blocks

Product number: 499769
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