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Learn to tell the time

This educational game helps children from four years to learn to tell the time, in a fun way. If you want to bring your child up to be independent early on, then this educational game is an important step in the right direction for them: Your child can learn to tell the time, almost without noticing, that they are being taught something.

The process is nice and easy: Because all clock faces once came from the sundial, "learning to tell the time" starts "with this principle: The small hand on the clock face becomes the bar that casts a shadow. This makes it easier to understand full hours. As it is for an educational game, we build on this. So each child gradually learns the half hours, the quarter hours and the minutes. The context between the classic clock face, the digital watch and the words for the time is also easy to recognise, and learnt completely independently and without gruelling  lessons.   

The educational game "learn to tell the time" enables several game variants and is even open to  your own, new game ideas, which stimulate the imagination and promote independent play. In this way, children can play the game in a completely independent way, and make it their own . Over time, and step by step, the child slowly becomes more confident in reading the clock and dealing with numbers. As usual, the Hubelino game board and the components are compatible with all other known components, printed with food safe colours and washing machine safe.   

This means that even your child can soon answer the question "What time is it?" effortlessly and independently, with the Hubelino educational game telling the time.

Contents: 21 x 4-stud / 28 x 2-stud building blocks, 1 x 140-stud baseplate

Caution: The 2-stud bricks are not suitable for children under the age of three, as small parts may be swallowed.
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